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Last November I left from Bologna, my hometown to ride my bike across Asia. This trip should bring me to Turkey through East Europe. I’ll then enter Iran and continue through the Stans (with a possible detour on the Pamir highway in Tajikistan), China and South-East Asia. On this page you can find a blog I try to keep updated, here you can find a map of the route I’ve followed until now and here there are some photos I’ve taken. I am also trying to keep a page with some statistics. Click here to see it (it is actually under construction, if there is anything you’d like to know about my ‘daily routine’ or whatever else that I might include there, do let me know). If you have any questions or suggestions, please,  write me

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Actual Route
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Approximately 19.000 km cycled

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To Chengdu via Secondary Roads

Pedalando verso Oriente: tornare a casa (italian)

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8-09-2016 Sabato 24 Settembre sono a Lecco per il festival di viaggio Immagimondo. Qua tutte le informazioni ed orari.


14-01-2014 Landed in Paris a few days ago, slowly going back to Italy.

29-11-2013 Arrived in Kunming two days ago. Other long break, before heading South.

13-11-2013  Back in Chengdu with a new Chinese visa on my passport. Changed the back rim, today I try to go to a doctor to get a vaccine and then I should finally get back on the bike.

28-10-2013 In Hong Kong, for a reunion with my parents and (hoping) to get a new Chinese visa. Various updates to follow very soon. 01-10-2013  Leaving Xining, China today, after having successfully crossed the Taklamakan desert. Photos from the first 20 days in China here http://www.flickr.com/photos/74522675@N06/sets/72157635939773526/ Directed towards some mountains in the Tibetan areas of Qinghai and Sichuan. Extremely hard to update blog from China, impossible to use Twitter, so no Twitter updates at all. 26-08-2013 Tomorrow I am finally leaving Bishkek and will be heading towards China, shortly visiting Kazakhstan. It should take me 10 days to reach China. First month in China will be a rush through the Taklamakan desert. The link page has been updated with all the cyclists in this last 10 months. 25-08-2013 New blog post: On the Roof of the World: the Pamir Highway. 24-08-2013 Back in Bishkek (again), after two weeks cycling and walking in Kyrgyzstan with Urs, a German friend of mine. Here the pictures of these last two weeks. 27-07-2013 Added a (small) italian version of this site here: www.pedalandoversooriente.wordpress.com (you can also find it by clicking on the italian flag on the right top of the page). 26-07-2013 New blog post (in italian): Pedalando verso Oriente: in Kyrgyzstan 21-07-2013 Some photos from Kyrgyzstan. Green fields, mountains and yurts http://www.flickr.com/photos/74522675@N06/sets/72157634728410393/ 18-07-2013 Arrived in Bishkek a few days ago after 10 relaxed days on the road.  The hostel is full of other cyclists, I’m staying here until the beginning  og August. IMG_4519 (1024x768) 18-07-2013 New blog post: Borders in Southern Tajikistan. 30-06-2013 New blog post: An Uzbek School and a Rack with a Story 29-06-2013 New blog post: Silk Road in Uzbekistan 29-06-2013 Slowly updating the blog again. Here a post about my short time in Turkmenistan: http://http://www.ivegotabike.com/2013/06/28/a-transit-through-turkmenistan/ 28-06-2013 And here some pictures from the first part of Tajikistan, from Dushanbe to Khorog, when the big mountains haven’t started yet http://www.flickr.com/photos/74522675@N06/sets/72157634368287447/ 28-06-2013 After two weeks in the Pamirs mountains I arrived in Osh, Kyrgizstan, with 4 other cyclists. Quite happy and exhausted, but I finally don’t have visa constraints, so I will rest between here and Bishkek for some time. 10-06-2013 Arrived in Khorog after 10 days on the bike with the company of two other French cyclists. Lots of mountains, very little asphalt and beautiful villages . Now a couple of days rest before keeping riding on the Pamir plateaux at 4000+ m (yes I know… the blog, even the map section, is not very updated. sooner or later…) DSC06646 28-05-2013 Arrived yesterday in Dushanbe. After Samarkand there were a few mountains, but the endless series of cultivated field didn’t end until the border with Tadjikistan. And for the last days I found some company; I cycled to the border with a French cyclist. 21-05-2013  New blog post (in italian): Pedalando verso l’Oriente: in Iran 18-05-2013 Arrived in Samarkand. From Bukhara it was a three days ride, along endless cultivated fields and lot of villages. The heat was sometimes almost unbearable, but real mountains are starting soon, in a week I should be in Tadjikistan. IMG_3507 (1024x768) 13-05-2013 I am in Bukhara, where I arrived a couple of days ago, completely exhausted and with pain everywhere, after having cycled the 650 km in Turkmenistan in less than 5 days (quite a bit of it were in the desert, but not nearly as good as the Iranian desert). I am still staying here a couple of days, then heading to Samarkand. I just found out that the border I wanted to use to cross into Tadjikistan closed more than a year ago (also all the other cyclists and motorcyclists in the hostel with me were completely unaware of that), so I have to take a little detour in Uzbekistan, but it seems to be a good one. 06-05-2013 New blog post: Dasht e Kavir: across the Iranian Desert 29-04-2013 And here some photos from the last 10 days in the desert https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bcc6779m6lyrtdd/MT2jWNMhIA 28-04-2013 New blog post: Out of the Traffic IMG_3373 (1024x768) 28-04-2013 I am in Mashhad after having finished my first desert crossing. Central Asia is not far now!

Cycling out of the abandoned caravanserai where I spent one night

Cycling out of the abandoned caravanserai where I spent one night

14-04-2013 Arrived yesterday in Yazd after three beautiful days in the middle of nowhere. Now resting (again) for a couple of days in the huge patio of Kohan Hotel.

A whole day spent on this unpaved road without crossing any village until late afternoon

A whole day spent on this unpaved road without crossing any village until late afternoon

10-04-2013 I spent the last three days in Esfahan preparing to leave again and meeting up with some nice couchsurfers. The bike has new chain, new derailleur and new brake pads; I sent home my winter equipment and replaced it with some summer stuff (finally!). Everything packed, tomorrow morning I am riding to Yazd, 350 km, mostly in a desert (looking at the map). Stocked up on food and water. 07-04-2013 New blog post: Iranian Kurdistan: in the Howraman Valley I am now in Teheran, tonight I should take a train back to Esfahan, from where I will start cycling again to Yazd. 04-04-2013 New blog post (in italian): Pedalando verso Oriente: in Kurdistan 01-04-2013 Also some picture from the (cold) week I spent in south east Turkey between Lake Van and the Hakkari province. Click here to see them. (I will put them to flickr when I manage, but it will take a lot of time…) IMG_1612 (800x600) 01-04-2013 New blog post: Iranian New Year or No Ruz

30-03-2013 IMG_2123

Probably the last picture with some snow. It was after Marivan, at at a 2200 m pass I climbed to enter a Kurdish valley where I cycled for two days (on the background there is the road I came from). Now I have a break of some days in Esfahan, tomorrow my parents come to visit me, which means I will stay in  fancy hotel instead of the tent/hostel 24-03-2013 I am now in Nur Abad, internet points are usually closed because is No Ruz (Iranian new year) and literally all iranians seem to be on holiday, camping and having picnics. the riding goes well, sometimes too much traffic and head-wind, but bearable. Best ride in Iran has been on the Howraman valley, 70 kms of unpaved road through the mountains passing tiny traditional villages where everybody still wears proper kurdish clothes. Next sunday I should arrive in Isfahan where I meet with my parents and have a week off the bike. Hopefully I will also manage to post some pictures, at least those from Turkey! (you can still see my actual position clicking here. it is updated once or twice per day). 11-03-2013 I arrived yesterday in Urmia, Iran and I decided to take a rest day to sort some practical things out, such as getting a map (which is in persian…), a phrasebook and changing money. Tomorrow I start my ride towards Esfahan, where I should arrive in 20 days. 09-03-2013 New blog post: Dıyarbakir bike tour After five beautiful days of mountains I am now in Yuksekova, 40 km from the border with Iran, which I enter tomorrow. I don’t know how internet works there, so it might be possible that I will not post anything for a while. And now I go to drink my last beer, likely there will be  no alcohol for the next two months Resim 015 Resim 016 During the climb yesterday 05-03-2013 This has been my view for the whole day (it also got worse). wpid-2013-03-05-17.08.25.jpg Too much snow, I’ve stopped at a petrol station where I spend the night. While killing time I tried to set up a ‘statistics page‘. Any suggestions on what I might write in there are welcome Tomorrow it should clear up, but it might be a little bit cold. I am actually looking forward to the ride along the snowy road and under the sun. 04-03-2013 After two long days of riding and really a lot of mountains I arrived in Tatvan. Lot of snow in thw ground, I took a room for the night. Tomorrow I will start the ride around the south shore of lake Van. 27-02-2013 New blog post: A warm Turkish Winter After a night bus from Diyarbakir, I am now in Ankara. I found a new rim, so on the next days I will take the bus back and start the ride again for the last bit of Turkey. 22-02-2013 I am spending the night in Hasankeyf, in the house of a nature association with a great view on the Tigris river. Today no cycling because of the rim problem, I arrived here hitchhiking, something which seems to be quite common here in Kurdistan, even though I was the only one with a loaded bike! wpid-2013-02-24-11.01.30.jpg 21-02-2013 I am in Mardin where I arrived yesterday, after a two days ride from Diyarbakir. Back rim broke again, completely (yes, the one I changed in Albania). Had it happened a month ago it might have been better, had it happened next month I might have been in much more trouble. So I can’t complain too much, but now is back to Ankara, to buy a new rim. But before I will spend the week-end in Hasankeyf, a tiny village close to the Tigris river with a friend (I’ll try to hitchhike to get there).

My arrival in Diyarbakir, 'escorted' by Rezul, from the local bike club.

My arrival in Diyarbakir, ‘escorted’ by Rezul, from the local bike club.

11-02-2013 New blog post: Picnic and Caves in Cappadocia 11-02-2013 I arrived yesterday in Malatya where I plan to stop for a couple of days. Much needed after 12 days and more than 700 kms from Ankara. Now in a  nice bike shop which organizes bike tour on Saturday and which gave me a very welcome contact in Diyarbakır, where I should arrive at the end of this week. 24-01-2013 New bog post: Çay and Empty Spaces For older updates click here Photos from . Green fields, mountains and